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East West Exchange

Several years ago, the regional directors of Canada Shotokan decided to promote an East-West exchange that would enable various members to travel to dojos across the country and to practice with them. Sometimes this entails going to special events, such as the opportunity Melissa Creede had in 1995 to travel to Vancouver to practice, and then to join members of Canada West in a trip down to Seattle for their 20th anniversary celebration, including practices with Ohshima Sensei. Other times, these exchanges enable members to visit other cities and to experience the culture of their practice and of their homes. Michèle Therrien and Danielle Desjardins travelled from Port Cartier to experience such an adventure in Vancouver and Kamloops in 1993. Similarly, in 1995 Ching Wee, Liny Chan, and Michelle Cho travelled from Vancouver to Montreal and Ottawa to learn from the experienced karate instructors in the East. Finally, these exchanges can enable people to go to a different special training from the one they normally attend, which is what Michelle Cho and Judy Wvong did in 1996, when they attended the Fall special training in Sept-Îles. These are just a few of the people who have enjoyed the benefit of this cultural exchange to help to make this very large country seem a little smaller, and to help keep us connected to karateka on the other side of it.

For Canada West members wishing to travel to eastern Canada, contact Alan Kazuta at (home) 604-590-9110, (cell) 604-916-0618 or at alan_kazuta@hotmail.com. For Canada East members wishing to travel to western Canada, contact Roland Duval at (home) 819-827-1266, (work) 613-274-4321, (cell) 819-790-3590 or email raduval@sympatico.ca or rduval@ctv.ca.