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Ohshima Sensei visits Montreal.


Ohshima Sensei makes a trip to Vancouver for Canada Shotokan West's 10-year Anniversary celebration.


Members of Canada Shotokan go to Cate School in California for Ohshima Sensei's 100th special training.


Ohshima Sensei visits Montreal. He also visits the Ottawa dojo and leads practice at the Takahashi Martial Arts Centre at the Upper Canada Shotokan dojo.

Canada Shotokan members attend Ohshima Sensei's practice/seminar held in Santa Barbara, California (Jane Fonda's Ranch).


Canada Shotokan members participate in France Shotokan's 20th anniversary.


Canada Shotokan members, along with members from SKA and Israel Shotokan, travel to Japan to practice at Ohshima Sensei's Alma Mater, Waseda University and celebrate the Waseda Karate Club's 55th Anniversary. The Canada Shotokan/SKA members compete in a tournament with the Waseda karate club members.


Ohshima Sensei leads practices at the Mount Pleasant Karate Club in Vancouver.