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In August members of Canada Shotokan attend Harmony, the first international gathering for Ohshima Sensei's students, held in Santa Barbara, California. At the godan test Mr. Welch is promoted to become Canada Shotokan's first godan.


Ohshima Sensei takes a trip to Waseda University in Japan for its 60th Anniversary, joined by members of Canada Shotokan.


Ohshima Sensei leads a dan test at Canada Shotokan West's Summer Special Training at Camp Elphinstone.


Ohshima Sensei visits Vancouver and leads practices.

In August members of Canada Shotokan visit Switzerland to attend the 25th Anniversary of Ohshima Sensei teaching Karate in Switzerland.


In July Canada Shotokan members travel to Toulouse, France to celebrate France Shotokan's 30th Anniversary.

In November Mr. Ono is invited to Canada in appreciation for his contribution to Canada Shotokan. Mr. Ono leads two practices in Vancouver and two practices in Montreal.

Don DePree lead 3 practices in La Prairie.


In May, members of Canada Shotokan visit the Waseda University Karate Club to promote exchange practices between the two groups.

In August, Canada Shotokan members participate in Israel Shotokan's 25th Anniversary.

In August, the Canada Shotokan West team wins the 39th annual Nisei Week Team Tournament in Los Angeles, CA.

In September, Canada Shotokan members help celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Bainbridge dojo in Washington State.


Members of Canada Shotokan join members of SKA for the 65th Anniversary of the Waseda Karate Club in Japan.


Ohshima Sensei visits Montreal and leads a sandan test.

In August, Canada Shotokan celebrates its 25th Anniversary in Vancouver. Over 300 members from 8 countries join the celebration.


In August, Canada Shotokan members do well at the 42nd Annual Nisei Week Tournament and Exhibition in Los Angeles, CA: Michel Singer places 2nd, Charles Forsberg places 4th and Kurt Goessman wins Best Competitor Award.