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Dominic St-Amour, Sandan, Head Instructor

Dominic St-Amour faces Russell Girard.Dominic started karate at the age of fifteen with Jocelyn Bourdeau, who is 5th dan and current senior of Canada East. For many years, he has been entering in various karate competitions, mostly in California, where he won the best competitor award in 2008. He did many training camps (up to two months in a row) in California, where practice many of the most advanced seniors of our organization. Nidan since 2001, he is getting ready to test for his sandan level, while practicing emergency medicine for a living.


Steven Horwood, Nidan

Steven HorwoodSteven Horwood began his Shotokan Karate training in 1995 in Vancouver BC.  In the SKA, he found an organization dedicated to karate in a way that made lifelong training become a realistic possibility for him.  Training with Norman Welch at the weekly seniors practice and attending his first special training at camp Elphinstone are among his strongest early impressions of the SKA.  In 2002 he moved to Montreal and trained at the Westmount Dojo for a year before becoming a founding member of the Little Burgundy Dojo, training under Yodan Ryan Hill.  He obtained his Shodan at the summer special training at Bishops University here in Quebec in 2005.  In August of 2007 he had the opportunity to train with Mr. Oshima for the Shodan practice at the Oshima Dojo in California. Currently he is completing a BFA in photography at Concordia University, with an added focus on video and drawing.  He tries his best to live out his quotidian existence in French and absolutely loves Montreal.

Jérôme Asselin, Nidan

Jérôme Asselin executing taikyoku shodan at the Canada West Winter Special Training 2004 at Camp Elphinstone, British Columbia.

Jérôme Asselin started karate at the UBC Dojo in Vancouver, in September 1999. Jérôme still remembers the first three months of constant pain resulting from Don Gee’s practices. Jérôme became a brown belt a year later and was already teaching on occasion. He received instruction directly from Don Gee and Norman Welch on a regular basis. In the summer of 2002, Jérôme made up his mind to perform in one year 5000 bassai, and he performed a symbolic 5000th bassai while grading for Shodan at the Canada West special training in 2003. That year had a terrific impact on his practice, as he was fortunate to practice four times with Ohshima Sensei and twice with Mr. Ono. Jérôme began to teach more regularly at UBC, guided by dojo leader Joel Nitikman. In May 2004, Jérôme moved to Montréal where he practices and teaches at the Little Burgundy Dojo. He was awarded the nidan level in June 2005 at the Canada West Special Training.

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