March 2020

The extraordinary global state of emergency due to the COVID-19 virus, cannot be underestimated. The focus on keeping our families safe is paramount. We should anticipate how to protect our families.

This is an unprecedented time for all of us. While many do not know what to do with their time, we are fortunate to have a venue to improve ourselves. See this as an opportunity.

Some thoughts on practice in these secluded times:

  • Have strict eyes
  • Practice is different from training; both are important
    • Practice is not a workout; it is polishing your techniques
  • Have a plan for each Practice or training session
  • Keep current with the Training Calendar on the SKA website
  • Improve your weaknesses; be humble and honest in your assessment
  • Polish your favorite techniques and favorite kata
    • Some ideas for kata practice:
      • Mind leads, body follows
      • Focus on breathing
      • There is conscious and unconscious power
      • Be aware of slow and fast movements
      • Be exact in your movements
      • Find out the application of each movement
      • Imagine opponents
      • Do your techniques work?
  • Practice outside- it is realistic to not have bare feet on a smooth dojo floor; your feeling will be different
  • Have someone in your house assist: such as holding a kicking shield or hand pads; helping you stretch
  • Practice with a heavy bag
  • Experiment with other weapons- Bo or Bokuto
  • Meditation is also part of practice

Don Gee
President, Black Belt Council

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