Announcing Israel Shotokan 50th Anniversary Event and the First Special Training after Covid 19 period

Israel Shotokan Ohshima Dojo is happy to announce our late 50th anniversary Event and a Special Training.

The Special Training will start on Sunday, November 28th 2021 and will end on Wednesday morning, December 1, 2021. and everyone is welcome to join.

Godan tests will take place on Wednesday December 1st, after the special Training. 

On the evening of Wednesday we will hold a gala dinner to celebrate Israel Shotokan’s 50th anniversary.

On Thursday, December 2nd, a day tour will be organized for all the guests from abroad. [free of Charge for our guests from abroad]

More detailed information will follow soon. 

Please let us know if any of your members would like to join the special training, or the gala evening and the following touring day solely.

Also, please send us know the names and details of your candidates for the Godan Test.

One of the ideas was that it would be great if the Shihans or the BBC president of each country will lead one of the groups during the Special Training.

We will be happy to see you in Israel.

With our best wishes and blessings .

Roy Roitman         Amir Levi               Freddy Finkelstein    Oren Birenzvig

President            BBC President            Secretary                V.Predsident 

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