Bernie Doyle

Bernie Doyle started practice at UBC in 1978 under Don Gee, Alan Kazuta, and the late Don Jurchuk.  

Within weeks of starting practice he witnessed a visit and demonstration from Ohshima Sensei which left a huge lifelong impression. 

Bernie was promoted to Shodan in 1983 and opened the Mount Pleasant/ Jericho Hill Dojo in 1985, with John McKay which operated for over 20 years.

Growing up and living close to trails and nature Bernie has a love of  practicing in nature and can often be found practicing kata on Spanish Banks sand bars at low tide. 

Meeting Mr. Yasanori Ono in 1990 was a huge inspiration and continues to this day.  Bernie was promoted to Godan at France Shotokan’s 50th Anniversary in Saint-Lô, Normandy in July 2014.

Bernie was born and raised in Vancouver, works as a real estate agent, and continues to practice under the guidance of Norman Welch and other seniors.