Daniel Trudeau

Daniel Trudeau had the privilege to learn karate with Jocelyn Bourdeau. Jocelyn transmitted to Daniel his love and passion for karate. After 24 years, the passion for karate is still strong. Daniel graduated to shodan in 1978 under Master Ohshima. In 1995 at Israel’s 25th Anniversary Celebration, Daniel Trudeau became a yodan.

Daniel has participated in the following international events: Harmony ’90 in Santa Barbara, Suisse Symposium ’93, 30th Anniversary France Shotokan ’94, 25th Anniversary Israel Shotokan ’95 and 25th Anniversary Canada Shotokan ’97.

Being an accountant, Daniel appreciates how karate helps him to maintain balance between physical and intellectual fitness. It helps him control stress which is the key to good health. Through the years, there is a tendency to switch from physical to intellectual activities. We must be aware that we will always need some physical training. Daniel is convinced that karate is one of the solutions. That is why he puts great pride in Canada Shotokan.

In 2010 at Israel’s 40th Anniversary Celebration, Daniel Trudeau became a godan.