Bernie Doyle


Bernie Doyle started practice at UBC in 1978 under Don Gee, Alan Kazuta, and the late Don Jurchuk.  

Within weeks of starting practice he witnessed a visit and demonstration from Ohshima Sensei which left a huge lifelong impression. 

Bernie was promoted to Shodan in 1983 and opened the Mount Pleasant/ Jericho Hill Dojo in 1985, with John McKay which operated for over 20 years.

Growing up and living close to trails and nature Bernie has a love of  practicing in nature and can often be found practicing kata on Spanish Banks sand bars at low tide. 

Meeting Mr. Yasanori Ono in 1990 was a huge inspiration and continues to this day.  Bernie was promoted to Godan at France Shotokan’s 50th Anniversary in Saint-Lô, Normandy in July 2014.

Bernie was born and raised in Vancouver, works as a real estate agent, and continues to practice under the guidance of Norman Welch and other seniors.     

Ryan Hill


Ryan Hill has been practicing Shotokan Karate since 1983. He began in Kamloops under the guidance of Rob Powers and Al Goessman. He was promoted to black belt by Ohshima Sensei at the age of 18, after which he spent one year training at Waseda University in Tokyo. There, he trained regularly with Senior Kamata Watanabe and also met many other seniors including Mr. Ono and Mr. Noguchi (the first captain of Waseda Karate Club). After returning to Canada, Ryan was an assistant instructor to Don Gee at the UBC dojo in the late 1980s and most of the 1990s. Ryan moved to Montreal in 2001, where he started the Little Burgundy dojo. He led that dojo until he returned to Vancouver in 2007. Ryan has been leading the UBC dojo since 2011, and continues to practice seriously under the guidance of Norman Welch and other seniors in western Canada. He regularly travels to California to practice with Ohshima Sensei. Ryan was promoted to rank of Godan at France Shotokan’s 50th Anniversary in Saint-Lô, Normandy in July 2014.

Michel Venne


Michel Venne began his karate practice in 1984 as a young teenager, and joined Canada Shotokan in 1986. He trained primarily under Jocelyn Bourdeau in his early years, and eventually settled in the Montreal area.

Michel has had the opportunity to practice across North America and in Europe. Michel aims to understand Ohshima Sensei’s wisdom and to apply karate-do to every aspect of his life.

Ohshima Sensei awarded Michel the rank of godan in 2016. Michel leads senior practices in the Montreal area that are open to all dojos, and is instrumental in promoting development of an integrated group across the region.

Ching Wee


Ching, who was born in Brunei Darussalam, has had a life-long interest in the martial arts.  In 1990, after moving with his family to Delta, BC and spending a month looking through the Yellow Pages for karate dojos, he discovered the North Delta Shotokan Karate Club, part of Canada Shotokan Karate.  Three years later he began helping Alan Kazuta, who created the dojo, to lead both youth and adult practices.

In 2009, Ohshima Sensei promoted Ching to Yodan.  Later that year Ching became the leader of the North Delta dojo.

Ching has participated and been a referee in many SKA (Nisei Week) and CSK (Goodwill Cup) tournaments.  He was invited to demonstrate Nagewaza (throwing techniques) at the 53rd Nisei Week festival in California.

Ohshima Sensei promoted Ching to Godan in 2018 and then invited Ching to demonstrate his favourite kata the next day at the 62nd Nisei Week festival.

Ching continues to practice Shotokan Karate as a way to strengthen himself mentally and physically, improving as much as possible the focus and mental clarity he finds essential in his everyday life.

Liny Chan


In September 1992, Liny began karate to spend more time with her husband and to learn self-defense. These simple goals opened the door to something that became life-transforming.

From her first practice at the University of BC dojo, Liny thought there was something magical about practice and was amazed with how strong one could become simply by having proper form. Liny wanted to learn all the secrets that would enable a smaller person like her to face a larger opponent.

Liny has been inspired by her seniors’ dedication to practice and the time they sacrifice to share their knowledge. The lessons Liny learned through practice have helped in her everyday life; she hopes to continue learning and improving.

Liny has travelled to many countries to practice with Ohshima Sensei and fellow karate-ka. She has participated in tournaments and demonstrations both in Canada and internationally. One of her most memorable experiences was travelling to Japan to participate in a special training held in Okinawa.Ohshima Sensei promoted Liny to Godan in 2018.

Liny has been leading at the Burnaby Dojo since 1996.