Rob Powers

Once, when Rob Powers was on a kayaking trip, his kayak overturned in extremely cold water, and he almost drowned. What kept him struggling was the thought that Mr. Ohshima would be really angry with him if he gave up. It is this perseverance that Rob has brought to practice ever since he started. Rob’s karate career began in 1968, when he practiced for a year at the University of Lethbridge with a Shotokan group. He joined Canada Shotokan in 1972, when he moved to Vancouver to go to law school at the University of B.C. Rob then moved to Kamloops and took over the dojo just as Norman Welch was leaving. Rob has led the Kamloops dojo since that time.

Rob has done quite a bit of traveling to different events — he has attended special trainings on the east coast, Nisei week, France’s 20th anniversary in 1984, Idaho’s 20th anniversary in 1987, and he joined a group from Canada West for a trip to Japan in 1995. Rob tested for yodan at Harmony in 1990. Since then, he has co-led special trainings for Canada West. In August 2000, Rob was promoted to godan at the Grand Opening of the Ohshima dojo in Santa Barbara.

From the beginning of Rob’s association with Canada Shotokan, he has been impressed by the seriousness and dedication of his seniors, displayed through hard practice and the constant struggle to push not just their juniors, but themselves, really hard. It is with this in mind that Rob has continued to be an influential leader in B.C.