Roland Duval

Roland Duval took his first karate lesson on May 3rd, 1963 in Eastview, Ontario at a legion hall. The instructor was Mr. Art Anastasiadis, a nidan with the Japan Karate Association.

During the period 1963 to 1969, Roland traveled to Montreal where he met and practiced with Gene Malec (senior SKA member). He also traveled to Toronto and met and practiced with Norman Welch (godan, president of Canada Shotokan). While in Toronto, Roland also met and practiced with Mr. K. Ogawa (sandan from Waseda University) and Mr. Ono (godan from Waseda University).

In 1969, Mr. Kinoshita of Nagasake, Japan led the Ottawa Shoto-kai dojo for two years. Mr. Kinoshita was a student of Senior Egami. Before Mr. Kinoshita returned to Japan, he awarded black belt rank to senior dojo members, including Roland Duval.

In 1981, the Ottawa Shoto-Kai dojo became “Upper Canada Shotokan”. In 1993, Roland is awarded the rank of yodan at the Amherst summer special training by Ohshima Sensei. In 2006 at Unity: SKA’s 50th Anniversary, Roland became a godan. Presently, Roland is the dojo leader for Upper Canada Shotokan. Roland also serves as regional director for Canada Shotokan (East).

Roland Duval’s career between karate classes is film/e.n.g. editor for a major television station in the nation’s capital: Ottawa. He is also a certified “Helper Level II” in the sport of Schutzhund, protection dog training. Roland was also a ballroom dancer who danced competitively for 10 years.

Combining work and play, Roland spearheaded the production of “Harmony ’90”, the video and also the re-edited version for “Presentation Only” requested by Mr. Ohshima.