Ohshima Sensei leads an exchange practice in Kamloops, BC.


Ohshima Sensei leads a dan test and practices in Vancouver.

Ohshima Sensei leads practices in La Prairie.


Ohshima Sensei holds the last black belt grading in British Columbia not connected to a summer special training.

Ohshima Sensei visits Sept-Iles and leads a dan test.

Ohshima Sensei leads a dan test and practices in La Prairie.

Canada Shotokan West starts holding special trainings at the YMCA Camp Elphinstone, near Gibsons, BC.


Ohshima Sensei visits Vancouver and encourages members of Canada Shotokan West to open new dojos.


Caylor Adkins leads the first winter special training for Canada Shotokan East in Montréal.

Jocelyn Bourdeau in Quebec joins Canada Shotokan.

Ohshima Sensei leads a dan test in Canada Shotokan West at the University of BC dojo.


Caylor Adkins (godan from SKA) leads Canada Shotokan’s first special training at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver.

Ohshima Sensei visits Montreal. Mr. Malec invites Roland Duval to meet Ohshima Sensei for the first time. Mr. Duval later joins Canada Shotokan.

Mr. Welch visits Japan.


Mr. Welch meets with Mr. Malec and Ohshima Sensei in Vancouver. Ohshima Sensei invites them to form Canada Shotokan with 3 dojos: UBC in Vancouver, Westmount YMCA in Montreal and Sept-Iles in Upper Quebec.

Ohshima Sensei appoints Mr. Welch the President of Canada Shotokan, Mr. Malec the Vice-President and Mr. Quessy the Treasurer.


Mr. Ono visits Vancouver at Norman Welch’s invitation and leads several practices.

Mr. Ono introduces Mr. Welch to Ohshima Sensei.

Ohshima Sensei invites Mr. Welch to summer special training in Ojai, California. At the end of special training, Mr. Welch is invited by Ohshima Sensei to join SKA.

In the fall, Mr. Welch joins SKA. The UBC Karate Club joins as well.

Ohshima Sensei visits Vancouver to lead practice and to conduct Canada Shotokan’s first dan test.


Norman Welch moves to Vancouver with his family and starts leading the UBC Karate Club. Al Fukushima was leading at that time.

Gene Malec from Eastern Canada, while in Los Angeles, meets Ohshima Sensei and joins SKA.

George Quessy from Eastern Canada is training in Judo in Long Beach.  He meets Ohshima Sensei who is teaching karate at the same dojo. Mr. Quessy joins SKA.