Authentic, Traditional Karate
for the Mind, Body & Spirit

About Us
Canada Shotokan Karate (CSK) is a non-profit organization teaching traditional karate-do in Canada since 1972, offering authentic, high quality martial arts instruction to the public.
What is Karate
Karate may be defined as a weaponless means of self defense. The word karate is a combination of two Japanese characters: kara, meaning empty, and te, meaning hand. Thus karate means empty hand.
How to Begin
Why should somebody want to start karate training? There are many reasons, including staying physically and mentally fit, learning how to defend oneself, and pursuing the deeper meaning of Karate-Do.
Karate’s pre-history can be traced back to Daruma (aka Bodhidharma), founder of Zen Buddhism in Western India. Daruma is said to have introduced Buddhism into China somewhere around the year 500 CE…
Dojo Locations
Here is the most current map and information about CSK dojos in Canada plus international organizations affiliated with founder Tsutomu Ohshima. Contact the one nearest you and get started today!
Tsutomu Ohshima
Tsutomu Ohshima is the founder of Shotokan Karate of America (SKA). He was Shihan (Chief Instructor) of SKA, Canada Shotokan Karate (CSK), and many other international Shotokan organizations until August 2018…
Special Training
Canada Shotokan Karate conducts Canada East and Canada West special practices known as “Special Trainings” twice a year, usually in the winter and summer. These are the most important events for any karate student, for they allow one to push oneself to one’s limits through intensive training…
Japanese karate terminology is frequently used during practices. Our glossary provides definitions plus audio recordings for pronunciation. Special tips are also provided on how to use terms properly.

Canada Shotokan Karate 50th Anniversary August 2022