Important Past Events


Members of Canada Shotokan attend Unity 2006, the 50th Anniversary of SKA held in Santa Barbara, California. Charles Forsberg (sandan) and Eric Crosby (sandan) place 2nd and 3rd at the Nisei Week Tournament. Alan Goessman from kamloops and Roland Duval from Ottawa are promoted to Godan.


Pacific Northwest members of Canada Shotokan and SKA make a special visit to the Shotokan Ohshima dojo. Practices are led by Ohshima Sensei, Ron Thom (godan), and Mr. Welch.

Canada Shotokan celebrates the 25th Anniversary of the Joilette dojo. Mr. Welch, Mr. Bourdeau and Larry Lazarus lead the first yodan test not lead by Ohshima Sensei.


Canada Shotokan members travel to Mulhouse, France to celebrate France Shotokan’s 40th Anniversary. Alan Kazuta is promoted to godan.


Mr Welch accompanies Ohshima Sensei to Sept-Iles to lead several practices.

Mr. Ono leads practices in Vancouver in March.

In October, Ohshima Sensei is honoured by being invited to give a lecture at the Okuma Auditorium at Waseda University. The lecture was attended by representatives of all the major shotokan groups in Japan as well as most of Ohshima Sensei’s seniors from Waseda University. His lecture is available on DVD and is highly recommended.


In August, 50 Pacific Northwest members from BC, Washington and Oregon visit the Shotokan Ohshima Dojo.

In September, Canada Shotokan members travel to Malaga, Spain where Spain Shotokan hosts Fraternidad 2002. Mr. Bourdeau is promoted to godan.


In June, 28 youngsters and 14 adults led by yodans Daniel Trudeau and Aristide Couture from La Prairie Dojo in Quebec make a trek to the Shotokan Ohshima Dojo in Santa Barbara. This is the first group to visit and stay at the Dojo. Practices are lead by Ohshima Sensei, Don DePree (godan), Tom Muzila (godan), Greg Scott (godan) and Dusty Dupree (nidan).

Ohshima Sensei visits Montreal to lead practices.

Canada Shotokan members travel to Japan for Waseda University’s karate club’s 70th Anniversary.


Ohshima Sensei visits Montreal and holds a yodan test.

In August, 1000 people from around the world travel to Santa Barbara, CA to celebrate the grand opening of the Ohshima Shotokan Dojo. Mr. Gee and Mr. Powers are promoted to godan.


In August, Canada Shotokan members do well at the 42nd Annual Nisei Week Tournament and Exhibition in Los Angeles, CA: Michel Singer places 2nd, Charles Forsberg places 4th and Kurt Goessman wins Best Competitor Award.


Ohshima Sensei visits Montreal and leads a sandan test.

In August, Canada Shotokan celebrates its 25th Anniversary in Vancouver. Over 300 members from 8 countries join the celebration.


Members of Canada Shotokan join members of SKA for the 65th Anniversary of the Waseda Karate Club in Japan.


In May, members of Canada Shotokan visit the Waseda University Karate Club to promote exchange practices between the two groups.

In August, Canada Shotokan members participate in Israel Shotokan’s 25th Anniversary.

In August, the Canada Shotokan West team wins the 39th annual Nisei Week Team Tournament in Los Angeles, CA.

In September, Canada Shotokan members help celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Bainbridge dojo in Washington State.


In July Canada Shotokan members travel to Toulouse, France to celebrate France Shotokan’s 30th Anniversary.

In November Mr. Ono is invited to Canada in appreciation for his contribution to Canada Shotokan. Mr. Ono leads two practices in Vancouver and two practices in Montreal.


Ohshima Sensei visits Vancouver and leads practices.

In August members of Canada Shotokan visit Switzerland to attend the 25th Anniversary of Ohshima Sensei teaching Karate in Switzerland.


Ohshima Sensei leads a dan test at Canada Shotokan West’s Summer Special Training at Camp Elphinstone.


Ohshima Sensei takes a trip to Waseda University in Japan for its 60th Anniversary, joined by members of Canada Shotokan.


In August members of Canada Shotokan attend Harmony, the first international gathering for Ohshima Sensei’s students, held in Santa Barbara, California. At the godan test Mr. Welch is promoted to become Canada Shotokan’s first godan.


Ohshima Sensei leads practices at the Mount Pleasant Karate Club in Vancouver.


Canada Shotokan members, along with members from SKA and Israel Shotokan, travel to Japan to practice at Ohshima Sensei’s Alma Mater, Waseda University and celebrate the Waseda Karate Club’s 55th Anniversary. The Canada Shotokan/SKA members compete in a tournament with the Waseda karate club members.


Canada Shotokan members participate in France Shotokan’s 20th anniversary.


Ohshima Sensei visits Montreal. He also visits the Ottawa dojo and leads practice at the Takahashi Martial Arts Centre at the Upper Canada Shotokan dojo.

Canada Shotokan members attend Ohshima Sensei’s practice/seminar held in Santa Barbara, California (Jane Fonda’s Ranch).


Members of Canada Shotokan go to Cate School in California for Ohshima Sensei’s 100th special training.


Ohshima Sensei visits Montreal.


Ohshima Sensei leads an exchange practice in Kamloops, BC.


Ohshima Sensei leads a dan test and practices in Vancouver.

Ohshima Sensei leads practices in La Prairie.


Ohshima Sensei holds the last black belt grading in BC not connected to a Summer Special Training.

Ohshima Sensei visits Sept-Iles and leads a dan test.

Ohshima Sensei leads a dan test and practices in La Prairie.

Canada Shotokan West starts holding Special Trainings at the YMCA Camp Elphinstone, near Gibsons, BC.


Ohshima Sensei visits Vancouver and encourages members of Canada Shotokan West to open new dojos.


Caylor Adkins leads the first winter special training for Canada Shotokan East in Montréal.

Jocelyn Bourdeau in Quebec joins Canada Shotokan.

Ohshima Sensei leads a dan test in Canada Shotokan West at the UBC.


Caylor Adkins (godan from SKA) leads Canada Shotokan’s first special training at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver.

Ohshima Sensei visits Montreal. Mr. Malec invites Roland Duval to meet Ohshima Sensei for the first time. Roland later joins Canada Shotokan.

Norman visits Japan.


Mr. Welch meets with Mr. Malec and Ohshima Sensei in Vancouver. Ohshima Sensei invites them to form Canada Shotokan with 3 dojos: UBC in Vancouver; Westmount YMCA in Montreal; and Sept-Iles in Upper Quebec. Ohshima Sensei appoints Mr. Welch the President of Canada Shotokan, Mr. Malec the Vice-President and Mr. Quesey the Treasurer.


Mr. Ono visits Vancouver at Norman’s invitation and leads several practices.

Mr. Ono introduces Mr. Welch to Ohshima Sensei. Ohshima Sensei invites Norman to Summer Special Training in Ojai, California. At the end of Special Training, Mr. Welch is invited by Ohshima Sensei to join SKA.

In the Fall, Mr. Welch joins SKA. The UBC Karate Club joins as well.

Ohshima Sensei visits Vancouver to lead practice and conducts Canada Shotokan’s first dan test.


Mr. Welch moves to Vancouver with his family and starts leading the UBC Karate Club. Al Fukushima was leading at that time.

Gene Malac from Eastern Canada, while in Los Angeles meets Ohshima Sensei and becomes an SKA member.

George Quesey from Eastern Canada is training in Judo in Long Beach and meets Ohshima Sensei, who is teaching karate at the same dojo. Mr. Quesey joins SKA.


Norman Welch, while practicing in Ontario with Mr. Tsuruoka, is introduced to Mr. Yasunori Ono, a former all-Japan University champion.


The University of British Columbia dojo is created by a student of Masami Tsuruoka.